The most annoying songs (in the history of ears)

7 Posted by - October 14, 2013 - abysmal, music, vexing

I had this one part-time job during uni, working as a check-out chick at a Department Store. The manager at the time had one CD on loop (Bravo Hits or something equally redundant) CONTINUOUSLY. Funnily enough the store’s speaker system didn’t happen to be wired through his office, so he missed out on the daily hourly half-hourly pleasure of listening to Sporty Spice and Bryan Adams missing each other.

Ever since that time, I’ve felt a certain camaraderie with all retail workers who find themselves at the mercy of the musical whims of upper management.

So, in tribute to all my comrades in comfortable shoes and name badges, here it is: The Most Annoying Songs (in the History of Ears) according to me.

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